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Detoxifying Face Wash & Blossom Essence Toner Mist - Harnn Water Lilies

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Detoxifying Face Wash & Blossom Essence Toner Mist - Harnn Water Lilies

Price: VND 655,000/ 150ml

HARNN holistic approach helps make great looking skin attainable through proper diet, sufficient sleep and proper skin maintenance. A healthy diet containing fresh vegetable, fruits and lots of clean water will noirish and detoxify your skin from within. A good sleep of 6-8 hours each day will allow your body to heal and strengthen your immune system.

For exterior skin maintenance, HARNN Water Lilies collection ultilizes extracts from Water Lily, Pomegranate, Chamomile extract and Black Tea (Kombucha). This combination of natural botanical extracts contains Amino acid responsible for restoring Elastin and Collagen, Vitamin C as powerful antioxidant, Tanin for mild astringent and anti-inflammation properties, decreasing roughness, restoring skin's natural brightness and luster. Pure essential oil from Jasmin provides pleasure and delight.

Cleansing A cleansing massage in gentle circular motion helps remove surface impurities and increase blood circulation to clean the skin from withun. a morning and night cleansing with extra mild face wash, containing natural charocoal to clean and detoxify, starts the skin maintenance process. Sweet and uplifting scent is provided from pure Jasmine essential oil.

Closing the pores, softening and refining skin texture with pure botanical extracts in alcohol free toner spray completes the cleaning regiment.

Detoxifying Face Wash 150 ml./ 5.27 ounce
Blossom Essence Toner Mist 150 ml./ 5.27 ounce

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