Thann Sanctuary
New Launch: Black & White Onyx Stone Massage


THANN SANCTUARY, a leading day spa with Condé Nast Global Hot Spa Award 2006, introduces a new art of natural treatment called THANN Black & White Onyx Stone Massage.

For century, Color is known as an energy which affects us profoundly on all levels of our being. Different colors affect our emotions in different ways. With this fundamental belief, THANN invented a 7 Colored Crystals Collection to diagnose customers’ body condition along with the Black & White Onyx Stone Massage to treat various emotional stress and physical illness by promoting a state of balance in customers.

THANN combines the benefits of massage, crystal therapy, and re-balancing each Chakra points. Derived from Sanskrit language, Chakra means “wheel” and thus it is spiral rotating energy that relates to each other. Human body consists of seven main chakras (See Picture 1 of Chakra Positioning). Each chakra is resonated by the energy of each specific color. When applying appropriate colored crystals to each Chakra points during the diagnosis, the crystals will work through resonance and vibration, indicating problem area of the body.

After the crystal diagnosis, the therapeutic massage using natural healing energy of heated Onyx stones begins. The black Onyx absorbs negative energy and toxins from the body while the white Onyx generates inherent power. Results include an improvement of blood circulation, lymphatic system, and immune system as well as relieving sore muscles. Psychologically, it brings about emotional balance which results in good health and well-being.

Indeed, Conde Nast called out Le Spa's Balinese techniques and its traditional Vietnamese treatments for special mention in the April accolade. Though the hotel is but two years old, the magazine declared that Le Spa" vaults into the big league with a great treatment menu and a talented, hardworking all-Vietnamese team".

Also recognized in a separate listing on the 2007 Hot List, La Residence Hotel has quickly garnered acclaim as one of Vietnam's premier hotels. Set on a two hectare site with 200 meters of frontage on the fabled Perfume River, the hotel celebrated its grand opening in December 2005 after a painstaking restoration of the former colonial governor's residence. The hotel's distinctive bowed facade, its long horizontal lines and nautical flourishes are hallmarks of the streamline moderne school of art deco architecture.

From the moment you step into THANN Sanctuary, your senses will be awakened by the contemporary décor that sits in harmony with the natural Asian design. This contemporary spa has been designed as a peaceful sanctuary that is quiet and relaxing so that people will find it a pleasant contrast to the world outside. Contributing to the mood are the warm, dark colors of brown and black that bring an immediate feeling of calmness in contrast to the stark whiteness outside. Because the decoration oozes fine design and quality, THANN Sanctuary has been dubbed the “designer spa” that is pleasing to the eyes as well as to the touch. THANN products and packaging design have also won the G-Mark Award 2003 & 2005 from Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization and the Design for Asia (DFA) Grand Award 2006 from Hong Kong Design Centre . The privacy and serenity at THANN Sanctuary allows you to shed the cares of the world and re-discover your body’s inner secret of pleasures.

Facilities include two suites for a couple, one massage room, and one facial treatment room. Two private and spacious areas are provided outside for the foot spa. In addition, outside is the retail outlet offering various spa products for the face, hair and body from THANN, which have been a worldwide presence in spa products for over six years.

All therapists have undergone many months of rigorous training at a highly prestigious spa academy. The end result is certified therapists with extensive knowledge regarding aromatherapy and massage techniques in addition to anatomy, enabling them to provide consultation not only in a massage but also in a holistic level.

THANN’s philosophy aims to help you re-discover your inner physical and mental wellness. At THANN Sanctuary, simply close your eyes, relax in the hands of our therapists, and enjoy the moment of relaxation.

THANN Sanctuary – a sanctuary of serenity and senses
Siam Discovery Center
Room No. 518 B, 5 th Floor, Siam Discovery Center,
989 Rama I Rd., Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330 Thailand
Tel (66) 02-658-0550
THANN 7 Colored Crystals Collection




Associated Problem

Violet / Clear


(Situated on the top of the head)

Mental Disorder
Parkinson Disease



(Situated at the center of the forehead)

Visual Defects
Sinus Problems



(Situated at the base of the neck)

Hearing Problems
Thyroid Problems
Sore throat

Lime Green


(Situated at the chest area)

Heart Disease
Breast Cancer
Immune System



Solar Plexus
(Situated below the rib)

Liver Disease



(Situated on the lower abdomen, under the navel)

Menstrual Problems
Testicular Disease
Colon Problems
Reproduction Organs



(Situated at the base of the spine)

Cold hands and feet

Violet: Crown Chakra

Indigo: Brow Chakra

Blue: Throat Chakra

Lime Green: Heart Chakra

Yellow: Solar Plexus Chakra

Orange: Sacral Chakra

Red: Base Chakra

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