Detox For A Healthy Lifestyle


In this modern age, we are surrounded by toxins in every way. Impurities enter our body through the food we eat and drink (like pesticides on our fruit, fats in the processed foods), and the air we breath (for example, metals in dust and smog) as well as chemical compounds we come in contact with from household products, to name just some of the most obvious offenders.

The major toxin elimination systems of our body consist of the liver, kidneys, intertines, lymphatics, lungs, skin and blood. However, live a window washer working on a tall building, the body’s natural detoxification system never catches up with the accumulating dirt. Hence our bodies accumulate impurities every day.

One study found that even people with a healthy lifestyle have an average of 91 potentially harmful toxins in their system.

In order to give our body a fighting chance , once in a while we need to undergo a “detoxing” programs can range from simply giving up lengthy, liquid only fast.

Natural detoxification can be enhanced by supplymenting with key nutrients which support the relevant organs.

Kidneys: Vitamins A, C, B6, magnesium, and potassium.
Liver: Vitamins A, B3, B6, C, E, betacarotene, L-cysteine and L-Glutamine, and glutathione.
Intestines: zinc, pantothenic acid, L-Glutamine, and pro-biotics like acidophilus and glutathione.

However, it is unlikely that with a few days or a few weeks of detox can rid your body of all the toxins that may have accumlated over years in our bodies.

In other words, giving up offending foods for a couple of weeks can eventually help the body detoxify - if it leads to a new, long-term healthy mind-set. Detox should be an on-going lifestyle change. The best way to help clear out toxins is put as few new chemicals into your body as possible. We need to purity the environment where we work or live by removing chemicals, dyes, paints, cleaning agents… In addition, a good air purifier will also the key as toxins are stored in excess fats.


Cut the coffee
If your drink, say, five cups of coffee day, you might cut down every two to three days from five cups to four and so on to minimize with drawal symptoms. Another choice is to reduce the strength of your coffee by filling your cup with more decaf and less regular every couple of days.

Take a break from booze
By staying dry or cutting down on alcohol consumption can improve digestion and sleep, boost energy and sexual function and lessen muscle pain.

Less sweets
Sugar uses up precious antioxidants, subtances that help remove natural by products caused by oxidation, which play a role in heart damage, cancer and other problems. Sugar is also associated with high-fat, high-calorie foods that cause weight gain, diabetes and heart disease.

Cut down on the bad fats
The bad fats are of course the saturates fats – which come from animal products like beef, poultry and full-fat dairy products – and man – made trans fats. Your body isn’t very efficient at getting rid of these fats: If you see the word hydrogenated on the list of ingredients then stay away.

When you eat meat you will also end up with whatever the pig or cow had before you like pesticides , PCBs, dioxins, antibiotics, growth hormones and other chemicals.