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1. ANAM QT SPA Ho Chi MinhDay Spas
From $29 to $72Sauna, Steam room, Jacuzzi
\Anam QT_small02.jpg

Anam QT Spa is a combined beauty salon and spa located in center of Ho Chi Minh City. Popular for facial and other skin treatments, hair care, nail care, but maybe most of all for a range of massage styles including oil massage, Swedish massage and Shiatsu massage.

1. Aqua Day Spa - Sheraton Saigon HotelHo Chi MinhDay Spas
Hotel Spas
From $10 to $36010 massage beds7 spa suites ( 4 single and 3 double including the VIP )
Destination-Inclusive Pricing
Detoxification programs
Luxury Spas
\image_5327copy.gifThe Aqua Day Spa is the first luxury Hotel Spa in Ho Chi Minh City. Positioned as a destination Day Spa, the Aqua Day Spa's concept is distinctively Vietnamese, both in design and services offered.

The Aqua Day Spa is a place so calming and serene that it changes you completely, emerging refreshed, revived, rejuvenated and inspired, whether you visit for an hour or stay for the day.

The Aqua Day Spa reflects a passion to provide an experience that others are unable to repeat. An escape from the bustling city outside, the Award winning Sheraton Saigon Hotel and Towers has created a private world of Asian grace, inspired by traditional healing techniques and a determination to create something rather exquisite on Level 5.

Located on level 5, the Aqua Day Spa is nestled between the 17 meter lap pool, purpose built sauna, fitness centre and poolside “Lifestyle” restaurant. 9 Spa suites, complete with showers, are available for individuals and double rooms are also offered to couples who wish to enjoy the experience together. Its interior is accented with natural charcoal stone, local timbers and earthy colors with showers reminiscent of a tropical downpour and stone baths to soak away the tension and stresses of every day life.

The Aqua Day Spa opens the door to an intimate private world dedicated to the restoration of the body, mind, and soul. Our philosophy is underpinned by a passion to inspire people to integrate wellbeing and beauty into their lives.

Spa designers TID Singapore understood the importance of ‘Feng Shui’, the Chinese art of determining the most appropriate design and placement of a structure to achieve maximum harmony. They needed to create a flow of energy between the Spa and the guests seeking rejuvenation and solitude. They therefore set about combining the needs of the Hotel and the space available, to complete this urban Spa setting. Their core philosophy was to design a space which would promote this balance to the mind and body, while integrating the facilities of an International Hotel.

The Aqua Day Spa restores strength, beauty, and balance through massage, and aromatherapy options. Exotic herbs, oils, and spices used in ancient Vietnamese healing therapies reawaken the senses, releasing tension and restoring vigor.

Of the many treatments available, guests can experience our Saigon Chakra hot stone massage that makes you balanced and revitalized for a maximum sense of well-being or experience the Aqua Stone Therapy that helps you to instantly relax and ease away stress.

Whichever your choice of treatment, ‘The Aqua Day Spa’, at the Sheraton Saigon Hotel and Towers promises to rescue you from the stresses of everyday life.
1. Golden Spa – Golden Central HotelHo Chi MinhDay Spas
Body Massge, Facial Massage, Steambath, Body Scrub
Affordable Spas
\golden_small.jpgOur Oriental Spa with professional techniques is another service available at the Golden Central Hotel. By bringing together the best of ancient recipes for relaxation and inner peace, with the most up-to-date dissolves away each and every concern, worry or trouble in your body and leaves you feeling refreshed and revitalized. 162
1. Jojoba Spa & Glory of New YorkHo Chi MinhDay Spas
\Jojoba small_01.jpg

Opened on 15-10
*Sealinks Beach Hotel Sealinks City Mui Ne- Phan Thiet Viet Nam
*Phu Quoc Resort & Spa  01 Tran Hung Dao Str., PhuQuoc  Island, Vietnam

1. La Cochinchine Luxury Spa - Rex HotelHo Chi MinhDay Spas
Hotel Spas
From $8 to $68Affordable Spas
Destination-Inclusive Pricing
Detoxification programs

Situated at the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, La Cochinchine Luxury Spa is located on the 6th and 7th floor of Rex Hotel. The facilities boast a separate area for men and women as well as a fully self-contained VIP couple suites with a private jacuzzi and shower.
There are 21 treatment rooms, each beautifully decorated. For the group travellers, La Cochinchine has a private foot & hands care area with 24 chairs.

The Spa also offers a separate hydrotherapy facilities for men and women: herbal steam, aroma sauna, warm jacuzzi, cold plunge pool, massage shower, vichy shower, two swimming pools and full bar and restaurant area at your services.

The selection of treatment includes the traditional spa treatment such as Swedish massage, aromatherapy, hot stone, Thai, foot care, manicure, pedicure. There are 12 varieties of facial treatments suitable to every skin types. Ayurvedic treatments are also available. For those who want to enjoy a whole range of services- packages are available as well as a Ia carte services from 10$ to 65$.

1. L'Apothiquaire - La Maison de L’Apothiquaire Ho Chi MinhDay Spas
From $10 to $65Detoxification programs
Kids/Family-Friendly Vacations
Luxury Spas
\LApothiquaire Building HCM.jpg

   Set in leafy gardens with climbing vines, bougainvillea and fountains, Le Maison de L’Apothiquaire, which is housed in a beautiful white colonial-style mansion complete with tropical gardens and pool, is the perfect urban spa and retreat for those seeking a relaxing break from sightseeing and shopping. Decor of velvet curtains, gargoyles and claw-foot bathtubs reflect the traditional Spa ambience. The acclaimed L’Apothiquaire Artisan Beaute offers the ultimate in body care and facials- an incredible experience not to be missed.

    L’Apothiquaire takes inspiration from the traditions of French herbalist-healers. Resembling a 17th century French apothecary shop, the award-winning spa aims to heal the body and mind naturally and provide tangible therapeutic benefits with relaxing body treatments and signature facial therapies. L’Apothiquaire Spa uses their own excellent quality natural skincare products containing high concentration of fresh pollen extracts and essential oils. These unique products visibly transform your skin after just after just one treatment. A sanctuary of natural healing and serenity, the luxury day spa specializes in wellness and luxury spa packages. Daily classes are held at the terraced studio, including Pilates, Yoga, Qi Cong, T’ai Chi, Aquagym and Teabo.

1. L'Apothiquaire - Saigon SouthHo Chi MinhDay Spas
Detoxification programs
Kids/Family-Friendly Vacations
Luxury Spas
\showroom dist 7 100.jpg

    L’Apothiquaire is a renowned and much-loved boutique and spa; specializing in natural and organic products. L’Apothiquaire has just opened another appealing spa and boutique at the Crescent.
 L’Apothiquaire treatment combines fresh natural products with traditional method - is an ideal sanctuary within the city. There are many treatments to choose from including skincare delights that can enhance your skin’s radiance after the very first treatment.

    The boutique offers a remarkable range of natural, organic skincare and well-being products from selective brands around the world.  Each of these unique, wonderful products is meticulously selected to meet each individual’s beauty needs.  Brands such as L’Apothiquaire Artisan Beaute’, Nickel, Erbario Toscano,Erbaviva, SteamCream, La Compagnie de Provence, Tatcha, Sara Happ, just to name a few.

Definitely worth visiting.

1. L'Apothiquaire Artisan Beauté - Mac Thi BuoiHo Chi MinhDay Spas
From $10 to $65Detoxification programs
Kids/Family-Friendly Vacations
Luxury Spas
\MacThi Buoi 100.jpg

    Along with other L’Apothiquaire locations, this new spa-boutique is another oasis in the bustling HoChiMinh city. L’Apothiquaire Mac Thi Buoi is ideally situated in the heart of downtown offering the perfect urban sanctuary and spa. Upon entering, L’Apothiquaire is a boutique with traditional-contemporary harmonized wooden cabinets. Along the cabinets is an array of the comprehensive range of L’Apothiquaire’s beautifully packaged natural skincare products, scrubs, bath salts, organic soaps and organic herbal blends from France. Moreover, the boutique offers a remarkable range of well-being products from selective brands around the world such as Erbario Toscano,Erbaviva, SteamCream, La Compagnie de Provence, Tatcha, Sara Happ, Nickel, just to name a few.
   Upstairs are treatment rooms all simply and elegantly decorated in wood, cream and purple with luxurious, velvet curtains and soft, comfortable cushion beds. There are also private lounges for hands and foot treatments or simply just to relax. The full service spa offers a variety of treatments, from facial to body care, using organic and natural products and a combination of traditional modern techniques, L’Apothiquaire promises to soothe not only tired bodies but also to replenish the soul.