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Recently, Spa with cozy look, standard set-up, modern equipment especially in Four - Five Stars Hotel, Resort and Day Spa in metropolitan are remarkable. However, spas have limited to emphazise herself clearly from this spa to the others and to create strong competitive to bring out the quality by providing guest experience during the spa visiting.

W hy does that happen?

Three essential keys to insure the success for your spa business:

- Business Solution

- Professional Solution

- Product Solution

The spa investors need to identify the target investment such as type of your business: Day Spa, Hotel & Resort, Medical, Destination Spa to set the finance, service, treatment, infrastructure and management system.

Then to Spa style and the meaning inside treatments that investors want to deliver their guests. The selection of interior style as well as the right equipments used at Spa make them compatible with their first expression. These are crucial factors for a Spa's competitive advantage from the beginning of basic investment.

Moreover, it is never complete to bring the differences to the spa only if it is combined with education and skills to spa consultation & therapy. This is key for evaluation for spa service quality to repeat customer visit.

Spa with good specialists or therapists will hold a stable and firm foundation for success in Spa industry. Understanding basic skin science & healthcare, skincare technique and professional treatments, products knowledge, and communicative skills are all in demand for beauty and health care performance, to improve spa service quality, maintain spa reputation and this is the unique difference your Spa should try best to obtain.

Nature extract formulations for Professional Spa Target is considered as the best way to supply to human physical & mental health. It is unbelievable if these ingredients come from organic field. The products will be the safest for Spa to complete the results.

Besides, these products must be manufactured under advanced technology such as: time-released sphérulites encapsulation technology; freeze-dried pure protein; micronization & high pressure homogenization; microemulsification; triphase cream manufacturing to ensure skin's maximum absorbency of repairing and rejuvenating actives. In addition to treatments at Spa, it is strongly recommended to take home care program for prolonged results. Such product will bring your spa to succeed.

Let's turn to Professional Brand to meet Your Spa Transforming

According to the criteria of the US Food and Drug Administration – FDA, a product must contain over 70% nature ingredients (or organic also, without the use of chemical pesticides, fertilizer, antibiotics, or artificially – derived chemical additives) to be authorized “ Clean planning and manufacturing” product.

Nowadays, there are a lot of professional products for Spa in the world. However, when thinking about professional and complete skincare product line, which is 100% nature extracts and 95% organic in ingredients, we have to refer PEVONIA.

Established in 1991 in the United States of America , PEVONIA products are now used by renowned & high-class Spa in 79 countries worldwide to create their own specialty.

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